Startup D48 Recap

by Amanda Unterreiner

Bo Kjaer joined 7 Anderson students for a D48, or more formally known as a "Dinner for Eight". A graduate of our 1997 Anderson class, Bo has had an interesting career across business development roles, founding his own company, and most recently holding a position in product management at eHarmony. This informal setting was a great way for students to connect both with each other and an established alum over some casual tacos.

Bo embodied the Anderson culture, opening up about the ups and downs of his career path. Bo reminded us that startups are a gamble, each with different leaders and in various stages of development. He shared some of his struggles and helped set the stage for things we might face 5, 10, and 20 years out of Anderson.


I attended to learn more about Bo’s journey and functional transitions across smaller companies around LA. Other students shared insights about their own company ventures underway and got some quality feedback from an established industry professional. An added bonus was that he was classmates with our very own Regina Regazzi in Parker!            

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