Internship Update: ZipRecruiter

by Margaret Yu

Hello incoming students! Hope you are all enjoying your summer.

My name is Margaret Yu, and I am one of the VP’s of Marketing & Communications in AnderTech. Fittingly, I am spending the summer here in Santa Monica at ZipRecruiter as their Marketing MBA Intern. I am loving my internship experience so far, especially since summertime for me means that I get to work on this beautiful rooftop deck at any time of day!


My role is pretty unique - it’s a mini-rotational internship where I get to work with five different teams within the marketing department, from SEO to customer insights, on real-time business problems with a meaningful impact on the success of the organization. I have just finished my first couple of projects, and am gearing up for the next phase. The internship program here is still pretty new, so I am excited that the internship class here has 100% Anderson representation including myself and Tom Christenson (‘18)!

Because a 10 week internship is such a short amount of time, it feels like the orientation process never stops. We have lunch-and-learns scheduled every other week with key leaders across the company as well as weekly SQL classes with our VP of Analytics. Additionally, I make sure to schedule at least one coffee chat a day with someone I have not yet met in the company to continue to learn as much as I can about ZipRecruiter in my short time here.

As someone whose prior experience is from a different industry and function, this internship is exactly what I came to business school to pursue. I don’t just get to learn about one specific function within tech marketing - I am really getting to experience a lot of different initiatives the marketing department at ZipRecruiter is prioritizing as it scales, which is really exciting! I cannot believe how quickly the summer is moving, but I am happy to say I have learned a ton so far, and can’t wait for what’s next.

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