FEMBA Spotlight

Herman Chan.png

Name/ Year: Herman Chan / FEMBA 2020

What is your current job? Product Marketing Manager, Hulu

Why MBA? I chose to pursue my MBA because I wanted to develop my leadership skills by challenging myself to take on new roles and responsibilities and make an impact on Anderson. I also chose to pursue an MBA to learn more about new industries and gain more general business knowledge.

Why AnderTech? What is your role in AnderTech? I joined Andertech because I wanted to be surrounded by intelligent, curious, and ambitious people who are excited about the technology industry. I want to be able to learn as much as I can from others and also share my experience in the industry so far. I am currently the VP of FEMBA/EMBA relations and in this role, I want to ensure that I am connecting FEMBA/EMBA students with full-time students to share knowledge, resources, and opportunities for mutual success.

What are you most excited about for AnderTech this year? I am most excited about the speaker series and company visits this year. As a FEMBA, I want to learn more about other tech companies and industries so I can continue to expand my knowledge and potentially explore careers outside of what I currently do.

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