FEMBA Spotlight


Name/ Year: Anika Sharin / FEMBA 2020

What is your current job? Senior Product Operation Manager

Why MBA? I chose to pursue my MBA because I wanted to develop my leadership skills to lead companies who are working on socially responsible products while creating a meaningful impact in human lives. I wanted to practice leadership skills and try new responsibilities in the collaborative environment of business school. Also, coming from a tech background, I felt business school would be perfect place to understand business strategy and the financial decision making process.

Why AnderTech? What is your role in AnderTech? I joined Andertech because I wanted to be surrounded by a group of people who want to think outside the box. AnderTech members are challenging themselves to humanize technology for social impact. For this reason, I joined AnderTech. I am currently working with the FEMBA/EMBA relations team and I want to help identify opportunities for part-time students in tech to leverage their background to take their first step into tech.

What are you most excited about for AnderTech this year? I am excited about the IPT training series and the Big Data Conference where I will get to listen from industry speakers

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